Signature Capture with jSignature

SignatureSo a friend of mine pitched an idea to me for a web application that was more of less your typical CRUD app. It didn’t sound too appealing until he told me that this application had to be mobile friendly and needed to include a signature as soon as the  form was submitted. This first point of data entry would be submitted by people working “out in the field”. Intrigued, I googled “signature capture” and surely enough I found jSignature.

Trigger Bugify API with email

Bugify, a simple issue tracking application, has been a great addition to our team. It’s simple, user-friendly, API-ready, and is the best bang for your buck when it comes to an issue tracking management system. It’s loaded with a tonne of features, and is frequently updated. That being said, I still needed a way to get my/our emails that we frequently receive from our support inbox into Bugify. With some help of Bugify’s API, and a little bit of PHP, I was able to create a solution: Bugmail.

Freshly Baked Forms

Crossbrowser compatibility, flexible, and highly customizable. What’s not to love about a Form Framework this easy to use. I’ve used Formee for a few projects now, and I’m not going to stop until I get enough.

Oh look, they were even nice enough to provide you a demo and reference (cheat) sheet.

Melissa and Paul

Shameless plug for my own wedding website. Meh. Don’t forget to enter the Konami code under Wedding Entourage >> Groomsmen. Yeah, I’m sort of a geek.


Event of The Century

Comic Book

I commissioned a local artist to create a comic book wedding invitation. All artwork was created by him, but I like to think I wrote the script. I uploaded the files for your viewing pleasure.